cute without pants

Kakashi : It’s like an acorn.

Gai : Fight me! Kakashi!



narutos idea of what a hot woman is


narutos idea of what a hot guy(s) is


it’s like with girls he had no idea so he imagined a girl version of himself and went with it but with guys he had so many ideas he just couldn’t pick the best one so he went with all of them and… I’m not saying he’s 100% gay but he certainly is not 100% straight either


what r u trying to do lil partner

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Grumpy Karkat is so much fun/the only thing I can draw.

Bonus: If I put a flower in his hair will it make him any less pissed?

just a few roses short of a flower crown...

Answer: nope


Through the end of time.

Finally had a reason to draw these two.
Request by anon. Hope you like it~!


1964 Lincoln Continental Town Brougham Show Car